Rapid City, South Dakora

Abstracts of  papers presented at the 65th Plains Conference by members of the Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology project are available at the link below. 

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2007 Abstracts


The links below connect to 11x17 inch PDF file versions of the 63rd Plains Conference Posters.
NOTE: These should be viewed with Acrobat 7.0 or higher.  

Check back later for the 2007 Posters (last updated 10/18/2007 07:26 -0700)

Koepsell, Greta  Phantom of the Hearths: Using Oxidized Sediment Patches from the Little Venus Fire to Investigate the Characteristics of Phantom Hearths

Lubow, Amanda   Don't tread on me: Effects of Cattle Trampling on Burned Archeological Sites of the Upper Greybull River, Wyoming

Niswanger, Jake Unintentional Thermal Alteration to Chipped Stone: Documentation of Artifacts Exposed to Wildland Fire

Ollie, Naomi   Many Mountains Moving: Tales of Mass-Wasting and Archaeology in the Absaroka Range, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (awarded Best Graduate Student Paper recognition)

Sadd, Jena BAAM!: Thermal Spalls and the Archaeological Formation Process

Thompson, A. Kvale and C. Hunt  Burning Questions: Interactions of Naturally Occurring Surface Fires and Archaeological Site Conditions

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