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Abstracts of  papers presented at the 64th Plains Conference by members of the Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology project are available at the link below. 

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2006 Abstracts


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Bechberger, Jillian (Colorado State University) and Lawrence C. Todd (Colorado State University) 
Archaeological Site Taphonomy: The Interplay of Biologic Activity and Geomorphic Processes

Fredriksen, Anwen (Colorado State University)
Walking the Line: Spatial Patterns of Artifact Distribution in Alpine Environments

Galloway, Matthew K. (Colorado State University) and Marcy Reiser (Colorado State University)
The Rings of Time: Dendrochronology at Jack Creek's Cow Camp

Gensmer, Kristin (Colorado State University); Marcy Reiser (Colorado State University), and Eva Donkin (Colorado State University)
Tale of Three Cabins: A Comparison of Features and Architecture

Gingerich, Eric (Colorado State University); Jillian Bechberger, (Colorado State University) and L.C. Todd (Colorado State University)
Sediments in a Slump: Depositional Dynamics in and Around Alpine Sag Ponds

Hare, Kristen (Colorado State University)
Spatial Patterns at a Montane Lithic Scatter Site, 48PA2736, Washakie Wilderness, Northwestern Wyoming

Herron, Amanda (Colorado State University)
Burrowing for the Facts: Formation Processes of Pocket Gopher Mounds In the Upper Greybull River Watershed of Wyoming

Keeling, Kris (Colorado State University)
Archaeologists as Landscape Modifiers: Monitoring Ecological Impacts of Excavation in an Alpine Environment, Absaroka Range, Wyoming

Knapp, Ashleigh (Colorado State University)
Archaeology Under Fire: the Impacts of Forest Fire on Archaeological Inquiry

Martinez, Daniel (Colorado State University) and Lawrence C. Todd (Colorado State University)
Tunnels in Time: Analysis of Lithics and Charcoal through Auger Probes

McElhoe, Ryan; (Colorado State University) and Lawrence C. Todd (Colorado State University)
Scratching the Surface of Prehistory in Northwestern Wyoming: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Site Formation and Alteration in an Alpine Setting

Rasmussen, John (Colorado State University) and Lawrence C. Todd (Colorado State University)
Raising the Red Flag: The Use of Systematic and Non-systematic Survey in the Archaeological Site Discovery

Svatos, Sara E. (Colorado State University) and Lawrence C. Todd (Colorado State University)
Assessing Alpine Artifact Abundance and Depositional History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Wyoming

Todd, Lawrence C. (Colorado State University)
Burning Issues: Archaeological Monitoring and Site Disturbance Processes

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