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Abstracts of  papers presented at the 63rd Plains Conference by members of the Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology project are available at the link below. 

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2005 Abstracts


The links below connect to 11x17 inch PDF file versions of the 63rd Plains Conference Posters.
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Bechberger, J., M Reiser, L. Todd, and B. Roth
Archaeology in the 21st Century: A Mobile, Web-based Unit for In-field Site Documentation

Bechberger, J. L. Todd, A. Bohn, M. Reiser, N. Ollie, and C. Hurst.  Indications of Ephemeral Paleoindian Occupation in the Upper Greybull Watershed

Bohn, A. and L. Todd. Through the Volcanic Glass:  Obsidian Artifacts as Proxy for Investigating Land Use Dynamics in the Upper Greybull River Drainage

Cheshire, A,  E Long, Z. Miller, and S. Hutchinson.  Game Trails and Site Locations: Is There a Connection?

Hurst, C, P. Barry, C. Kinneer, and L. Todd SwitchBack: A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Model for Past Human Movement Across a Northwestern Wyoming Landscape

Hutchinson, S and L. Todd.   The Ecological Impacts of Archaeological Field Research on the Central Absaroka Mountain Range, WY.

Kinneer, C., J.D. Kennedy, and L. Todd Counting Rocks!: Generating a Baseline for Human Energy Investment in the Construction of High Altitude Stone Structures

Long, J.  Evaluating Inter-Observer Variability in Field Coding of Chipped Stone

Miller, Z, S. Hutchinson, and L. Todd.  Historic Seasonal Pastoralist Occupation in the Absarokas of Wyoming: A Study of Jack Creek Cow Camp

Ollie, N, L. Todd, M. Reiser, and J. Bechberger.  Wasting Away on the Sunny Side of the Mountain: Depositional Dynamics and Archaeological Exposure

Parks, E,  M. Reiser, and L. Todd A Growing Picture: The “Ghost Forests” of Jack Creek Wyoming

Reiser, M,  L. Todd, J. Bechberger, and E. Parks.  In the Shadow of Ghost Trees: Applying Forest Ecology to Archaeological Interpretations

Tedrow, M.  Analysis of Secondary Deposition of the Material Culture in the Greybull River Drainage

Teeter, S, Z. Koski, and C. Burke Relocation and Monitoring: Past Weapons of Mass Destruction

Todd, L. and A. Bohn.  Experiential Learning, Local Stewardship, and Archaeological Investigations along the Upper Greybull River Drainage, Northwestern Wyoming


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