Abstracts of all papers presented at the 62nd Plains Conference by members of the Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology project are available at the link below. 

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2004 Abstracts

2004 Papers (best viewed using Adobe Acrobat 6):

    Bates, Chad, et al.  Fire Cracked Rock Appearance Replication (Poster)

    Bohn, Burnett and Todd.  Variability of Archaeological Volcanic Glass Distribution in the Central Absaroka Range, Wyoming (Poster)

    Burnett, Paul. Horizontal Seriation of an Archaeological Landscape Using GIS: A Case Study from the Absaroka Mountains of Northern Wyoming (Handouts) (Text)

    Hjermstad, Alisa et al.  An Analysis of Plant Species and Usages in the Absaroka Mountains, Park County, Wyoming (Poster)

   Johnston, Jefferey et al. Inter-Observer Variances in Coding Lithic Artifacts (Poster).

    Kinneer, C. et al. "I'm Pretty Sure that Thing I Just Tripped Over Ain't Natural":  Hunting Structures in the Absaroka Mountains of Northwestern Wyoming (Poster)

    Melson, L.  Game Movements, TEK, and Archaeological Site Locations (Poster)

    Ollie, N. et al.  Prehistoric Lithic Material Distribution along the Upper Greybull River: An Inter-basin Comparison, Park County, Wyoming (Poster)

    Todd et al. Recreation Ecology, Heritage Resource Management, and Environmental Monitoring: The GRSLE Project, Northwestern Wyoming (Poster) (Text)

    Todd, L. and A. Mueller. Mining the Margins: Archaeology of Remote, High Elevation Mineral Exploitation in the Absaroka Mountains, Wyoming (Poster)

    Todd, Burnett and Bohn.  Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology (GRSLE) 2004: Archaeological Panarchy in Northwestern Wyoming (Handouts )


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