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Archaeological Field School AP460

Summer 2008

Research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, NW Wyoming

A unique learning experience in the Wyoming mountains

As we have since 2003, Colorado State University's Department of Anthropology and Center for Human Paleoecology will be holding an 8-week field methods class in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming.  The photograph above is a typical view of the project area (much of which burned in 2006 fire), most of which is above 2500 m in elevation.

This field class focuses on the research process.  The class is embedded within a larger, long-term research project; each summer there are several graduate
students collecting information for their thesis research; and each field school participant is required to design and implement their own
research project.   Most of the student participants in the field class present their projects to professional or University audiences. 
To see examples of research projects prepared by students, staff, faculty, and student visitors for the  Plains Anthropological Conference, click here.  .  

Field School Overview. Basic information on what to expect, what you'll learn, what you need to bring, weather conditions, etc. .

Field School Grades. You're probably wondering how your grade would be determined.

Field School Application (enrollment is limited to 25 students, so get your application in SOON). You can download an application form in Adobe Acrobat pdf file format).   Deadline for submission is March 15, 2008

Once accepted for the field school, you'll have to register for summer classes at Colorado State University.  For information on summer registration, tuition, fees, etc., see the Summer Programs web page.

Other links:  -- webpages that provide information on the conceptual and methodological goals of the field project.  Also provides example of several of the projects completed by students in recent AP460 field classes.

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Several things that you'll experience in field school:

Survey and site documentation on the Shoshone National Forest (photo by L. Todd, 2004)

Infield documentation, non-collection archaeological survey (photo by L. Todd, 2004)

Archaeology with a view to the future (photo by L. Melson 2004)

for additional information:

L.C. Todd, Department of Anthropology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1787

(970) 491-5110

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