Experience spectacular, remote Peruvian mountains
with Bruno Romero (GRSLE 2004 participant)

       Bruno Romero offers to share unique mountain adventures with those of you wanting to experience other montane settings.   When Bruno first contacted me about working on the GRSLE project, I asked him "Why do you want to do archaeology in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming?"   His answer was immediate and honest, "I miss the mountains of my home (Peru) so much, I need to spend time in the mountains."  During the summer of 2004 he was able to combine his love of the mountains with our archaeological field training program on the Greybull River Drainage in northwestern Wyoming.

    Bruno has now graduated with a degree in Anthropology and returned to Peru where is his working with the people from several remote mountain villages in the Huayhuash Mountains to organize custom tours and treks. 

    For more information about the Huayhuash sustainable ecotourism project, please visit the project webpages at www.nokankani.com or contact Bruno directly at
bruno@nokankani.com or


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