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Cultural Ecology of Hunter-Gatherers


Reading/Video Assignments

UPDATED: Monday, 24 April 2006

Spring 2005

The first assignments listed below are the primary readings from the textbooks and other sources. The Kelly readings will be discussed in class and you must have the reading assignments done and summary/questions prepared from these materials each week. You will be responsible for preparing summary/questions on only the materials marked with an asterisk (*).

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Summary of Key Dates

Week 1. (readings to be discussed on week 2):

AP450 –Read the syllabus

*Kelly, pp. xi-37

Video: In Search of the Noble Savage

Additional Reading for Week 2:

Hobbs, Thomas (1651) The State of Nature, excerpt from Leviathan

Locke, John (1690) The State of Nature, excerpt from Two Treatises of Government

*Harris, Marvin (1968). Evolutionism: Methods. Chapter 6 from The Rise of Anthropological Theory, pp. 142-179.

Week 2. (readings to be discussed on week 3):

*Kelly, pp. 39-64

Gowdy, read Introduction (pp.ix-xxxi); Sahlins (pp. 5-41); and Lee (pp. 43-63)

Video: The Hunters

Additional Readings for Week 3:

*Harris, Marvin (1968) Cultural Materialism: General Evolution (Chapter 22) and Cultural Materialism: Cultural Ecology (Chapter 23) from The Rise of Anthropological Theory, pp. 634-687.

Week 3. (readings to be discussed on week 4):

*Richerson and Boyd, read pp. 1-98

Review Begon et al. pp. x-134

Gowdy, read *Marshall (pp. 65-85) and Woodburn (pp. 87-110).

Video: First Contact

Week 4. (no reading assignment – prepare for in-class presentations)

Week 6. (readings to be discussed on week 7):

Video: Darwin’s Revolution in Thought

*Kelly, pp. 65-90

**Richerson and Boyd, read pp. 99-147

Review Begon et al. pp 211-312

Additional Readings:

*Binford, L.R. (1980) Willow Smoke and Dogs’ Tails: Hunter Gather Settlement Systems and Archaeological Site Formation. American Antiquity 45:4-20.

Belovsky, G. (1987) Hunter-Gatherer Foraging: A Linear Programming Approach. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 6:29-76.

Hawkes, K, J. O’Connell, and N. Blurton Jones (1991). Hunting Income Patterns among the Hadza: Big Game, Common Goods and the Evolution of Human Diet. In Foraging Strategies and Natural Diet of Monkeys, Apes and Humans, edited by A. Whiten and E. Widdowson, pp. 243-251. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 334. Claredon Press, London

Week 7.

*Kelly, pp. 90-110

*Winterhalder and Smith 2000. Analyzing Adaptive Strategies: Human Behavioral Ecology at Twenty-Five

*Hawkes, O'Connell, and Blurton Jones (2001). Hunting and Nuclear Families

Video: Nai: Story of a !Kung Woman

(prepare for midterm exam and do readings for term paper and over break, you may want to start on readings for week 9)


Spring Break March 12-20

Week 8.  MIDTERM EXAM (readings to be discussed on week 9):

*Richerson & Boyd pp. 148-190

Gowdy, read Bird-David (pp.115-137)

Additional Readings:

Jochim, M. (1988) Optimal Foraging and the Division of Labor. American Anthropologist 90:130-136.

Fouts, HN., B.S. Hewlett, and M.E. Lamb (2005).  Parent-Offspring Weaning Conflicts among the Bofi Farmers and Foragers of Central Africa.  Current Anthropology 46(1)..

Video: An Ecology of the Mind

Week 9. (readings for week 10):

*Kelly,  161-203

Richerson and Boyd, pp 191-236

Gowdy, read Leacock (pp. 139-164)

Additional Readings:

*Dyson-Hudson, R. and E.A. Smith (1978). Human Territoriality: An Ecological Reassessment. American Anthropologist 80:21-41.

*Hurtado, A., and K. Hill (1989) Experimental Studies of Tool Efficiency among the Machiguenga Women and Implications for Root-Digging Foragers. Journal of Anthropological Research 45:207-217.

Video: Australia's Aborigines

Week 10. (readings to be discussed on week 11):

*Kelly, pp. 205-292 (take plenty of time with this chapter)

*Richerson and Boyd pp 237-257

Video: Nomads of the Rainforest

Additional Reading:

*Winterhalder, B. (1993). Work, Resources, and Population in Foraging Societies. Man 28:321-340.

Week 11. (readings to be discussed on week 12):

*Kelly, pp. 111-160


Additional Reading to be discussed on 11:

*O’Connell, J.F. (1987). Alyawara Site Structure and Its Archaeological Implications. American Antiquity 52:74-108.

Kent, S. (1995). Does Sedentism Promote Gender Inequality? A Case from the Kalahari.  Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society 1(3):513-536.

Week 12. (readings to be discussed on week 13):

*Kelly, pp. 293-344

Video: Baka: People of the Forest

Additional Readings:

Binford, L.R. (1977). Forty-seven trips: A Case-Study in the Character of Archaeological Formation Process. In Stone Tools as Cultural Markers, edited by R.V.S. Wright, pp. 24-36.  Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra.

*Binford, L.R. The Archaeology of Place. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 1(1):5-31.

Allen H. (1996).  Ethnography and Prehistoric Archaeology in Australia.  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 15:137-159.

Week 13. (readings to be discussed on week 14):

Video: Peoples of the Great Plains, Part I: Buffalo People and Dog Days

Additional Readings:

*Thomas, D.H. (1983) The Archaeology of Monitor Valley: 1. Epistemology. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History Vol. 58(1). Read Chapters 4-5 pp.40-91.

*Jochim, M. (1991) Archaeology as Long-Term Ethnography. American Anthropologist 93:308-321.

*Kelly, R.L. (1992) Mobility/Sedentism: Concepts, Archaeological Measures, and effects.  Annual Review of Anthropology 21:43-66

Week 14. (readings to be discussed on week 15):

Gowdy, read Burch (pp. 201-217); Lee (pp. 165-200); and *Yellen (pp. 223-235).

Jackson, J.E. (1994). Becoming Indians: The Politics of Tukanoan Ethnicity. In Amazonian Indians: From Prehistory to the Present, edited by A. Roosevelt, pp. 383-406. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Asch, M.I. (1982). Dene Self-determination and the study of Hunter-Gatherers in the Modern World. In Politics and History in Band Societies, edited by E. Leacock and R. Lee, pp. 347-371. Cambridge University Press.

Feit, H,A. (1982). The Future of hunters within Nation-States: Anthropology and the James Bay Cree. In Politics and History in Band Societies, edited by E. Leacock and R. Lee, pp. 373-411. Cambridge University Press.

*West, P. and J.G. Carrier (2004). Ecotourism and Authenticity.  Current Anthropology 45(4):483-498.

*Greene, S.  (2004) Indigenous People Incorporated? Current Anthropology 45(2): 211-237.

Video: Nanook of the North

Week 15. Complete term paper.


Wednesday 19 January – First Class

Wednesday 16 February – In-Class presentation

Wednesday 23 February -- In-Class presentations conclude

14-18 March – Spring Break

Wednesday March 23 – Midterm Exam

Wednesday May 11,  5:00 pm – Final version Term Paper due