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American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS),  San Francisco, CA
       Gensmer, Kristin.
A Tale of Three Cabins: Culture, Architecture, and their Effect on Trees
Hare, Kristin.  Spatial Patterns at Prehistoric Montane Archaeological Sites
Knapp, Ashleigh.  Archaeology Under Fire: The Impacts of Wildland Fire on Archaeological Inquiry
       Svatos, Sara E.
Using Archaeology and Geology to Interpret Prehistoric Alpine Lifeways
       Todd, L. and J. Bechberger.  Multi-Scale Archaeological Monitoring: Stressors, Indicators and Triggers

Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Austin, TX
Bechberger, Jillian and L.Todd. Coupling Biological Activity and Geomorphic Processes in Archaeological Site Formation
       Reiser, Marcy and L. Todd. Reading the Trees: Dendrochronology in Northwestern Wyoming

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